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Magic Sparkle Gloves Epic Gloves
Raid damage: 4250

Duel power: 567
Attack: 850
Defense: 850
Perception: 800
Dance Party: 15% chance to deal 10,000 damage; Extra 190,000 damage for each Magic Sparkle Glove owned (MAX: 2); Extra 100,000 damage against Festival raids; Extra 600,000 damage against Festival raids for each Sparkle Glove owned (MAX: 2)

Magic sparkle gloves gloves
Many of your top arcane experts have been tirelessly investigating these unique gloves. The level of enchantments laid on them are numerous and intricate suggesting a deep power embedded within this equipment. However after countless hours all that was determined was that it turns a different color when you hold them under water.
Obtained By:

Festival of Drifting Dreams: Training Dummy

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