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Machaon the Healer General
Legion damage: 132

Duel power: 37
Attack: 55
Defense: 55
Race human Human
Role healer Healer
Source intellect Intellect
Rejuvenating Light: Chance to restore Health, Energy (+6), and Stamina (+3).


Machaon af
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When he was a young boy, Machaon's parents and sister died of a virulent plague that swept through their town. Machaon somehow survived, and dedicated himself to the study of healing magic. Now he walks the land, tending to the sick and injured.
Obtained By:
Additional Info:

High Sister Agnes increases Machaon's Attack and Defense to 255/255


A reference to one of the Iliad's heroes. Machaon was well known for his healing abilities with diferent herb mixtures. He was killed by Eurypylus and he was worshiped for a long time after his death.


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