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Lucian the Scholar Epic General
Legion damage: 312

Duel power: 87
Attack: 130
Defense: 130
Race human Human
Role special Special
Source intellect Intellect
Expert Monster Hunter: Chance for bonus damage plus Lore yell; Chance for bonus damage if A Schoolboy's Guide to Fisticuffs is owned; Chance for bonus damage if Cricket Bat is owned

The scholar you encountered during the ill-fated search for Tyranthius' tomb remains as tiresome as ever when he's pontificating on his favorite subjects. But your foray into his schooldays, or at least a twisted approximation thereof, has at least given you some appreciation of his passion for scholarship. And his new cricket bat is an entertaining if dubious weapon.
Obtained By:

Upgrade Lucian the Scholar with Lucian's Thesis, an occasional drop from Normal Headmaster Grimsly quest boss


  • Lucian the Scholar is a part of one recipe.