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Love Messenger's Crown Helm
Raid damage: 2080

Duel power: 248
Attack: 445
Defense: 300
Love's Deliverance: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger's Crown owned (Max: 3)

Helm love messenger
4. Occulus Occult members are damned to hell because of their infusion with demon fire and dark magic. The moment Theo died, she could see him descending down a long pulsing corridor of blades, fangs and agony, ripping him apart as his eternal torment. But Rassys would not let this happen, his sacrifice for Chandra had moved her immortal being and awoken the love that had grown dim in her heart.

The gods always interfered with mortal affairs, but rarely did they ever intervene with the business of demons. When the gods obstructed the plans of hell, there was always a price, always a repercussion. But she didn't care at that moment. She had to save Theo.

So Rassys reached out to the most tender part of Theo's heart, pulled out a simulacrum of his inner essence and physical attributes, then drew him close.

Obtained By:

Love Messenger's Chest

Additional Info:

Love Messenger's Guidance Love Messenger's Crown Love Messenger's Tunic
Part of Love Messenger Set
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