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Love Messenger's Boots Boots
Raid damage: 2080

Duel power: 248
Attack: 445
Defense: 300
Love's Deliverance: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each additional Love Messenger set item equipped; Extra for each Defender of Rassys owned (Max: 50); Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 40 for each Love Messenger's Boots owned (Max: 3)

Boots love messenger
8. One day, when Theo was flying on patrol to eradicate the demon threat that roamed the mortal realm, he spotted a warrior woman defending herself against a hell-fiend with a scythe of jagged teeth. Around them lay the bodies of the woman's companions, who had every manner of injuries inflicted upon them: slashed throats, disemboweled entrails, and one dying man who wormed his way in agony towards his dismembered arm.

Theo landed in front of the demon before he could advance any further towards the woman. He drew his sickle and shield and proclaimed, "Face me demon, for your future is death!"

Obtained By:

Love Messenger's Chest

Additional Info:

Love Messenger's Pants Love Messenger's Boots Love Messenger's Perseverance
Part of Love Messenger Set
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