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Lounging Peasant's Boots Epic unique Boots
Raid damage: 17300

Duel power: 2192
Attack: 3575
Defense: 3000
Perception: 2750
Lazing and Laboring: 5% chance to deal 100,000 damage; Extra 30,000 damage for each piece of Lounging Peasant set owned; Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 15 for each Farmhand owned (MAX: 100); Increases Player's Stamina by 90

Boots lounging peasant

Boots lounging peasant f

VII. "Well?" she said.

"Milady..." He coughed, and tugged at his collar. "I fear... I fear things haven't..."

"Are the golems working the fields?"

"No! Miles and his people went into the field with clubs, and smashed them to bits!"


Cecile leapt up once again. The seneschal yelped and ran away, but she paid him no heed. Instead she went to the wall, took her mace down from its mounts, and strode from the chamber. It seemed she'd have to deal with these wretched peasants herself...

Obtained By:

Lounging Peasant Chest

Part of Lounging Peasant Set
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