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Lord Verne, Serpent Hunter Epic General
Legion damage: 1440

Duel power: 267
Attack: 700
Defense: 100
Race human Human
Role healer Healer
Source strength Strength
Big Game Hunting: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Aquatic raids; Extra damage for each unique piece of Octopod set owned; Lord Verne, Serpent Hunter gains 100 Attack and Defense while in the Leviathan's Bane legion; Lord Verne, Serpent Hunter gains 5 Attack and 15 Defense for each Daedalus Crewman, Ship's Cook, Ship's Surgeon, Merfolk Trapper, or Merfolk Guide in the active legion

Lord verne
It's a special kind of madman that considers hunting sea serpents little more than a lively bit of sport, the kind that suffers from a kind of impenetrable egoism most often bred and nurtured on a life of money, privilege, and ghastly boredom.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions: Aquatic Pack

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