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Lightning Giant Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 2675

Duel power: 342
Attack: 550
Defense: 475
Jungle Storm: Chance for heavy bonus damage against Giant Raids; Extra damage for each piece of Lightning Giant Set worn

Ring lightning giant
VIII. Jodis flapped her wings and began to rise. The Chaluan gasped. He held her tight, locking his arms around her, squeezing like a python.

"Wait! Stop! I... I can't..."

She swayed back and forth, wings clawing at the air, and fell. The two of them collapsed in a heap. Thisne laughed.

"Mathala should've taught you how to use those things properly."

"You're the one who's big as a mountain. Why don't you do the carrying?"

Obtained By:

Kanehuar Yachu (Raid)

Part of Lightning Giant Set
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