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Librarian's Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1725

Duel power: 230
Attack: 345
Defense: 345
Perception: 200
"Ook! Ook!": Chance for bonus damage; Additional 500 cap for each piece of Librarian set worn; Increases Stamina by 15

Ring librarian
"Will you marry me?" the apprentice asked.

"No," the librarian said. "And don't think you can distract me with that thing, young man. Where are those books? If you return them right now, we'll let you off with a heavy flogging. If you don't, you'll get a light one."

"Wait... Wouldn't that be better?"

"No. We just call it a 'light' flogging because the bodies don't weigh as much after half the flesh and blood's been beaten off them."

Obtained By:

Crafting/General/Events - Ruined Grimoires

Part of Librarian Set


  • Librarian's Ring is a part of one recipe.
Librarian's Ring Events/World Raid
Ring apprentice librarian
Ruined grimoire grey
Ruined grimoire green
Ruined grimoire blue
Ruined grimoire purple
Ruined grimoire orange
Ring librarian
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