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Lia the Gravedigger Rare General
Legion damage: 1060

Duel power: 283
Attack: 450
Defense: 400
Race human.png Human
Role melee.png Melee
Source agility.png Agility
Graveyard Girl: Chance for bonus damage against Undead raids; Extra damage for each unique piece of Gravedigger's set owned; Lia gains 100 Attack and Defense while in the Gravediggers legion

Lia the gravedigger.jpg
10. Gern reached for his shovel. But Lia was faster. The girl grabbed it, spun around, and cleaved.

"Mwahahahah... Hey!"

The vampire's head rolled in one direction. His body fell in the other. Both crumbled to ash.

"Course, sometimes it's vampires," Gern said. "You're a fast one. Good swing too. We'll make a gravedigger of you yet!"

Lia beamed.

Obtained By:

Shadow (Raid)

Part of Gravedigger Set


Lia gravedigger big.jpg