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Lerilith the Reluctant Empiricist Epic General
Legion damage: 938

Duel power: 268
Attack: 385
Defense: 420
Race angel Angel
Role special Special
Source intellect Intellect
Conscripted Cognoscenti: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Demons; Increases Player's Health and Perception by 50, and by an additional 30 Health and 10 Perception for each Empirical Angel or Veteran Empirical Angel in the active legion

During her mortal life, Lerilith was a great ponderer of things. She spent her days musing over the universe's many mysteries. Her drifting thoughts uncovered countless great wisdoms which impressed even the gods. Thus she earned a place in heaven, and pursued her thinking in that celestial realm.

Her existence was sublime, until the day she made the mistake of pontificating on the moral equivalency between gods and demons -- and asked whether they weren't more akin to one another than most deities were willing to acknowledge.

"Oh, you think you know about demons, do you?" Karuss said. "Then take this sword -- because you're about to see a lot of them up close..."

Obtained By:

Crafting together the following:

Additional Info:

Bosted: Lerilith Boost (+250 Atk/Def)


  • Lerilith the Reluctant Empiricist is a part of one recipe.


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