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Lawson the Drake General
Legion damage: 1800

Duel power: 433
Attack: 800
Defense: 500
Race human Human
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Blade of the Dragon: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if Mark of the Crossed Swords is owned; Extra damage for each Apprentice Swordfighter in the legion; Lawson the Drake gains 12 Attack for each Apprentice Swordfighter owned (Max: 20); Lawson the Drake gives a Legion bonus of +30% while in the Roland's Legacy legion

Lawson the drake
Lawson is one of the very few adventurers remaining who can claim to have fought side by side with Solus and %name% during the war.

However, he came to be known as the Drake not from his association with the blue dragon, but from the speed and power of his sword arm, which is said to strike with a power and accuracy equal to the talon of any wyrm.

Obtained By:

Roland's Legacy Chest


  • Lawson the Drake is a part of one recipe.