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Laocon's Ghost Epic General
Legion damage: 1100

Duel power: 317
Attack: 450
Defense: 500
Race undead Undead
Role melee Melee
Source agility Agility
Haunt the Seas: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Aquatic raids; Laocon's Ghost gains 50 Defense and bonus damage for each unique piece of Octopod set owned; Laocon's Ghost gains 10 Attack for each Daedalus Crewman, Ship's Cook, Ship's Surgeon, Merfolk Trapper, or Merfolk Guide in the legion

Laocons ghost
"Davey Jones isn't ready for the likes of me, not until I find the great bloody snake what sent me to him. Not until I drag it on down with me into the depths.

Ghost or no ghost, hell or high water: as long as the Daedalus still sails the seas, so do I." -- Ghost of Captain Laocon

Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions: Aquatic Pack

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