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Lady Kessov's Burial Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 4000

Duel power: 533
Attack: 800
Defense: 800
Thwarted Heirloom: 15% chance to deal 25,000 damage; Extra 500,000 damage against any Kessov raid; Extra 250,000 damage against any Kessov raid if Lady Kessov's Battle Golem is equipped

Lady kessovs burial ring ring
Locar gave this ring to Alessandra near the beginning of their courtship. She wore it from then till the final days of her life, when she took it from her finger and placed it in Cuthbert's hand -- with the hope that he might one day give it to his own beloved.
Obtained By:


Part of Lady Kessov's Battle Set


  • Lady Kessov's Burial Ring is a part of one recipe.
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