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Lady Kessov's Battle Gown Epic Chest
Raid damage: 4000

Duel power: 533
Attack: 800
Defense: 800
Thwarted Heirloom: 15% chance to deal 25,000 damage; Extra 500,000 damage against any Kessov raid; Extra 250,000 damage against any Kessov raid if Lady Kessov's Burial Ring is equipped

Lady kessovs burial gown chest

Lady kessovs burial gown chest f

Male: It takes great confidence for a man to wear a dress. You try to draw comfort from this as the others mock you.

Female: A soft, sad smile crossed Locar Kessov's face when he saw you in this sumptuous gown. He said you reminded him of Alessandra.

Obtained By:


Part of Lady Kessov's Battle Set


  • Lady Kessov's Battle Gown is a part of one recipe.
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