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Konrad Kriegsmesser Legendary General
Legion damage: 1320

Duel power: 367
Attack: 550
Defense: 550
Race elf Elf
Role melee Melee
Source agility Agility
Tantamount to Murder: Increases Player's Attack And Defense By 150; If Mark of the Colosseum is owned, gives an additional 100 Defense to player; If Varkatch the Gladiator is owned, gives an additional 100 Attack to Player

Konrad kriegsmesser
II. The elven swordsman was skilled. So skilled he regarded dueling as tantamount to murder, and had always shunned it. But now it was time for murder. Konrad took up his eponymous weapon, whilst the baron fought with his slim, elegant blade. The two swords gleamed as they met. They clinked again and again, in a lightning exchange of attacks, parries, and ripostes. Then Leopold's weapon clattered on the ground.

The baron spent the next minutes on his knees, sobbing and pleading, while his fingers, nose, and ears fell into the growing pool of blood before him. Konrad kept cutting. The butchery was slow. Deliberate. Abhorrent. Even hardened swordsmen and women averted their eyes, or clasped hands over nauseous mouths.

When his grim work was done, Konrad Kriegsmesser turned to the crowd and told them to look at what dueling did. It was not a sport, not a fine and glorious thing, but the infliction of cruel, savage death. And he told them to remember this whenever they thought of issuing a challenge.

Obtained By:

Purchase at Duel rank 44, Aspect of the Blade for 10mGold

Additional Info:

Kriegsmesser's Fencing Boots Konrad Kriegsmesser X


  • Konrad Kriegsmesser is a part of one recipe.
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