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Kinarthin of the Ponderous Pastries Epic General
Legion damage: 1148

Duel power: 330
Attack: 470
Defense: 520
Race elf Elf
Role special Special
Source wisdom Wisdom
Under the Crust: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to double proc; Kinarthin of the Ponderous Pastries gains 60 Attack and Defense for every additional General in the active legion

Some say he was a monk who left his temple, or a philosopher who wandered away from his university, and traveled the land in search of greater wisdom which he might impart to the people of West Kruna.

Others say he's just the elf who sells pies at the Festival of Drifting Dreams, and that everyone should stop being so bloody stupid. Until they taste one of Kintharin's delicious pastries. Then their minds are opened, and the solutions to all their troubles float around them like the summer breeze.

Obtained By:

Festival of Drifting Dreams: Training Dummy, Rank 19


  • Kinarthin of the Ponderous Pastries is a part of one recipe.