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Kevinator's Helm Helm
Raid damage: 500

Duel power: 67
Attack: 100
Defense: 100
Perception: 100

Helm kevinator
11. "Muwahahahahahahahaha!"

"I told you he was evil!" Codex said. "No one who isn't evil laughs like that! Oh, and locking us in a cage was evil too..."

"innocent victim'd"

"We're going to die!" Clara wailed. "I hope those zombies look after my kids. Or maybe I left them with the drunk berserkers this time..."

"Soon I'll feast on your delicious, delicious souls. I can do that -- because I'm a demon! Muwahahaha-"

"Cease your vile laughter, fiend!" Torchlight gleamed on Vork's breastplate as he strode across the dungeon chamber. "Rule 568 of the Knights of Good charter: Anyone who wants my friends' souls has to go through me first."

Obtained By:

50b+ damage to Kevinator (World Raid)

Additional Info:

Vorkian Charger Kevinator's Helm X
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