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Kath'in General
Legion damage: 11200

Duel power: 2667
Attack: 5000
Defense: 3000
Race abyssal merfolk Abyssal Merfolk
Role melee Melee
Trans16 Any
Consistency is Key: 100% chance to deal 30,000 damage; Extra 4% damage against Aquatic raids; Gains 50 Attack and Defense for each Deep Sea Vanguard owned (MAX: 50); Increases the Attack and Defense of all Merfolk troops and generals in the legion by 300

Kathin general
"I have seen the great beasts that dwell within the depths of Tor'gyyl, I have hunted them and broken many. The sea holds the most terrible monsters to grace the realms of mortals, a dragon, a demon or anything in between is a laughable creature compared to the grand maw of the sea." --Kah'thin
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item June 2018 for 30Planet Coin

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