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Karla Mandrake Epic General
Legion damage: 960

Duel power: 267
Attack: 400
Defense: 400
Race human Human
Role ranged Ranged
Source wisdom Wisdom
Dead or Alive: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each unique piece of Castle Mandrake Set owned; Extra damage if Burning Bone Bombarder is owned; Extra damage against Siege raids; Karla Mandrake gains 25 Attack and Defense for every 2 Magics owned

Karla mandrake
"Warriors wanted! Dead or alive. Siege expertise preferred but not essential. Must be willing to fight alongside bands of undead, whilst battling larger hordes of undead." -- A notice circulated in numerous towns and cities, accompanied by helpful woodcut illustrations for the benefit of the illiterate


Karla inspected her troops. She was no expert on military matters, but they seemed suitably troop-like. Some of them reeked of ale and general unsavoriness. Though she assumed that was normal for men and women in their line of work. And it wasn't as if her zombies were particularly fragrant themselves...

Obtained By:

Epic loot from Castle Mandrake III (Event Raid)

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