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Kapitän Karotte Epic General
Legion damage: 298

Duel power: 88
Attack: 120
Defense: 145
Race dwarf Dwarf
Role tank Tank
Source strength Strength
Multifarious: Chance for bonus damage; Increases Player's Attack (+9), Defense (+9), Energy (+18), and Stamina (+9)

Kapitan karotte
When Karotte tried to join the army in his native Stromhamre, the recruiting officer laughed in his face. For he had demanded that his race be entered into the military rolls as 'dwarf', though he was clearly a human. It emerged that Karotte had been raised by dwarves, and refused to consider himself anything but a member of that race. After he headbutted the officer, breaking his nose, it was agreed that his behavior was suitably dwarf-like. His request was thus acceded to.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Nightmare Euphronios (Guild Raid)

Additional Info:

Can be boosted by crafting Kapitän Karotte Boost (Guild)


His name is German for Captain Carrot, a reference to the Discworld character of the same name who also was raised by dwarves and therefore sees himself as a dwarf despite being technically a human.

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