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K'ton the Avenger General
Legion damage: 360

Duel power: 93
Attack: 155
Defense: 125
Race undead Undead
Role melee Melee
Source wisdom Wisdom
Dread Vengeance: Chance for bonus raid damage

Kton the avenger
"The dragons' minions murdered my husband. They slew our children, and left my wounded body buried under their corpses. This world has nothing for me now. So I offer myself to the gods of the underworld. By the blood which will soon be spilled upon your altar, I ask you to send forth an avenger. Open your dread gates, and let a dire spirit loose to serve as your dark marauder -- to strike down the dragons for their crimes. Do this, and my soul is yours." -- Note found on a chthonic altar, next to the body of a woman who had taken her own life
Obtained By:

Bazaar - Halloween 2011 - permanent addition


  • K'ton the Avenger is a part of one recipe.