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Jovial Jester's Hat Epic Helm
Raid damage: 2250

Duel power: 315
Attack: 450
Defense: 450
Perception: 450
Jovial Japes: Chance for bonus damage against Festival raids; Extra damage for each piece of Jovial Jester set worn; Extra damage if The Jovial Jester is owned; Increases Player's Health by 225; If Jovial Jester's Marotte is worn, increases critical hit chance against Festival raids by 1%

Helm jovial jester

Helm jovial jester f

"My wife said she was tired of living in a hovel. So I burned the place down. She's still not happy. Women..." -- The Jovial Jester
Obtained By:


Part of Jovial Jester Set


  • Jovial Jester's Hat is a part of 2 recipes.

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