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Jousting uses 1 Honor every time you attack and gives you 1xp every time you win. Jousting also allows you to get up to 10,000 gold from a defeated player. The outcome is determined by comparing the currently worn items and base stats. Getting most wins in Joust allows you to top the leaderboards giving you the Grand Jouster's Crown. You have to be in a guild to be able to joust.

Jousting uses PVP health, so it may be used to reduce your health to < 10, protecting you from Duel/Colosseum attacks (note that this is usually a time-consuming task). Also, losing in Joust doesn't give you xp but gives you APs for certain amounts of losses, so it may be used to burn Honor in a BSI-friendly (i.e. not reducing) manner, still giving you some profit. Joust wins can be used to safely (i.e. without the risk of QM/Haste procing) bring you to 1xp TNL.

Please note that currently Joust is the only type of PvP that *doesn't* give any sensible reward (beside very low amount of AP), but a win in Joust *does* give you Exp. In the long run, burning Honor winning in Joust will reduce your duel power, while not providing you with any return - this is the exact reason for which nobody should attempt to frequently win in Joust unless he's in dire need for the APs. Since the devs announced a Joust revamp a long time ago, one can hope that this behaviour will change in the future (as happened with Skirmish/Invasion revamp).

Leaderboard Reward

Item Name Type Atk Def Per Ability
Helm grand jouster v2 Grand Jouster's Crown Helm 50 50 Increases Player's Attack by 200 + 10% of their base Attack; PvP Bonus: +400 power, +36 damage, +30 deflect