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Jorik Trophytaker unique Troop
Legion damage: 1620

Duel power: 600
Attack: 900
Defense: 900
Race orc.png Orc
Trans16.png Any
Source strength.png Strength
Trophycase: 10% chance to deal 100,000 damage; Extra 7,000 damage for every Raid Essence owned; Gains 35 Attack and Defense for every Raid Essence owned; 20% chance to find a Hunting Trophy against non-Guild related Beast raids; (Passive) Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 600; Increases Legion Power by 10%

Jorik trophytaker troop.jpg
There are all manner of beasts and monstrous creatures that roam the lands of Tor'gyyl, and Jorik has collected a "keepsake" from each one.
Obtained By:

Planet Coin.pngLimited Time Item June 16th - 23rd 2017 for 50Planet Coin.png


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