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Jodis Rare General
Legion damage: 900

Duel power: 250
Attack: 375
Defense: 375
Race angel Angel
Role ranged Ranged
Source agility Agility
Snow Angel: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Giant raids; Extra damage against Gigantomachy raid; Increases Player's Defense by 200; Increases Player's Energy by 20

"One day we'll hunt in heaven," Jodis said.

She kissed the frost-chilled boulder. The appendages unfurling on her back still seemed alien, unnatural. But they obeyed her commands. Jodis merely willed them to work, and took to the sky.

The girl had spent all her thirteen years walking the tundra's crisp white mantle, stalking its beasts, living on the bounty they provided. Now she was leaving it all behind. But when a god granted you wings and a quest, what could you do but fly?

So Jodis flew, towards whatever destiny waited in the hot jungle lands far to the south.

Obtained By:

NM Gigantomachy quest boss (100%)

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