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Jack's Grim Steed Legendary unique Mount
Raid damage: 1825

Duel power: 233
Attack: 375
Defense: 325
Perception: 150
Ghastly Rider: Chance for bonus damage; Chance to halve incoming raid damage; PVP Bonus: +150 power

Mount jack
The girl ran through the forest. Seething shadows gathered beneath the trees, grabbing at her arms and legs. Ebon fingers snatched at her hair, her eyes, her soul. She tore free from their grasp.

Autumnal leaves crunched under her boots. Fragile bones whispering of ancient death and eternal decay. Each crackle, every crunch sent a shiver through her spine. But she ran onward amidst the coldness. The trees parted -- branches and darkness clawed at her one last time but fell away, thwarted.

She ran across the bridge. The stream below murmured his name. A warning to urge her along? Or did it conspire against her like the trees and the shadows? Would its icy waters pull her into a drowning embrace? She didn't know. So she ran.

Her head snapped round as she neared the village, staring at the dangerous gloom over her shoulder. Nothing... She was safe. Despair left her lungs, replaced by gulps of air sweeter than any she'd ever tasted. She ran down the lane between the warm,welcoming windows with their flickering candles. She reached her own door and pushed it open.

And there was Jack, waiting for her. Where he'd always been waiting.

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Part of Jack's Set


  • Jack's Grim Steed is a part of 2 recipes.

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