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Invincible Winged Helm of Callissa Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1750

Duel power: 422
Attack: 350
Defense: 350
Perception: 350
Increases Health by 200, Stamina by 30, Energy and Honor by 50; Increases Player's Attack, Defense, and Perception by 100; PvP Bonus +175 power, +40 damage, +20 deflect

Helm invicible callissa
1. "Terracles! Terracles!"

The demi-god opened one eye and sighed. Sleep was rarer and more precious than any treasure these days. The moment he grasped it, someone or something always came to snatch it away.


He grunted, put on his loincloth, and strode towards the tent flap. He refrained from grabbing his club on the way, lest he be tempted to smash the skull of the fool who'd awakened him.

Obtained By:


Part of Invincible Callissa's Set


  • Invincible Winged Helm of Callissa is a part of one recipe.
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