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Insignia of the Sharpshooter Epic unique Ring
Raid damage: 18100

Duel power: 3150
Attack: 4400
Defense: 500
Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 800; Increases Player's Health by 10,000; PvP Bonus: Power +850, Damage +450, Deflect +450

Insignia of the sharpshooter ring
The Pit Master sighed as he surveyed the wounded men before him. "How did it happen?" He asked the herbalist who tended the men.

"Training accident sir. The shield trick again."

The Pit Master swore. Where did these young lads keep getting it in their heads that they could ride a shield down a flight of stairs while loosing arrow from bow without personal injury, he wondered.

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  • Insignia of the Sharpshooter is a part of one recipe.
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