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Inquisitor Marieth General
Legion damage: 7000

Duel power: 1833
Attack: 3000
Defense: 2500
Race angel Angel
Trans16 Any
Source strength Strength
Blood and Steel: 10% chance to deal 70,000 damage; Extra 20,000 damage for every Angel troop owned; Extra 20% damage against Demon raids; Gains 200 Attack and Defense for every General in the active legion; Increases Legion Power Bonus by 10%; (Passive) Increases Player's Attack and Defense by 250, and by an additional 2% of each stat's base value

Inquisitor marieth general

Marius' breathing was labored as he stood up. No longer a mortal man, he had become something else. His body was covered in armor which had not existed before. His muscles strained against the plating and he could feel the rage in control of his every thought.

He could control himself to a point, but it would be an easy thing to be sent into a rampage. Marieth leaned in close, running her hands along Marius' shoulder she whispered into his ear, "Come now, dear Marius, there is havoc to be wrought, battles to be won. Now, you are fit to serve my Goddess. Now you are complete.

Your inner demons have made you strong, Marius. And that strength will be needed in the days ahead."

Marius had long struggled with his anger, and now that struggle had come to an end.

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  • Inquisitor Marieth is a part of one recipe.
Inquisitor Marieth Misc/Tokens
Collection eternal dawn coin 1 brown
Collection eternal dawn coin 2 grey
Collection eternal dawn coin 3 green
Collection eternal dawn coin 4 blue
Collection eternal dawn coin 6 orange
Inquisitor marieth general
Champion of the eternal dawn troop
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