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Infernal Spike Sabatons Epic Boots
Raid damage: 28285

Duel power: 3771
Attack: 5657
Defense: 5657
Perception: 5657
Devilish Embrace: 10% chance to deal 100,000 damage; Extra 70,000 damage for each piece of Infernal Spike set worn; Extra 300,000 damage against Dragon raids; Extra 300,000 damage against Guild raids

Infernal spike boots

Infernal spike boots f

"Though sightings are few and far between, periodically a powerful demonic lord rises up and takes charge of a small host to invade our world, or possibly countless others. Though they vary in their make, these creatures are self proclaimed Brimstone Barons and it is unclear as to whether or not these beasts are born as hulking brutes or if they obtain this power through some other means, but their strength is not to be trifled with and their dominance is assured. Never have we witnessed a Brimstone Baron not at the head of a demonic invasion - a creature that could control them would be a most vile foe indeed." --High Cleric Fredrik
Obtained By:

Baron Honor Guard (Campaign Raid)

Part of Infernal Spike set
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