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Infernal Knight's Armet Uncommon Helm
Raid damage: 140

Duel power: 19
Attack: 28
Defense: 28
Infernal Machinations: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage against Ryndor raids; Extra damage for each additional piece of Infernal Knight armor worn

Helm fire lorax
I. In her youth Lady Enid was said to be the loveliest maiden in the kingdom. Dozens of well-born suitors vied for her hand, from all ranks of chivalry and nobility. Her faintest smile instilled pride in the breasts of those upon whom it was bestowed, and bitter jealousy in their rivals. There are tales of knights who fought mortal duels over the simple twitching of her lips.
Obtained By:

Bloodmane's Beastman

Part of Infernal Knight's Set

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