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Incinerated Soldier Troop
Legion damage: 1008

Duel power: 333
Attack: 600
Defense: 400
Race undead Undead
Role melee Melee
Trans16 Any
Gains 30 Attack and Defense for each Incinerated Soldier owned; Increases Player's Attack and Defense against Winter raids by 900; Provides a 6% Legion Special Power Bonus while in the Charred March legion

Incinerated soldier troop
With a wail, the spirits shot back into the incinerated bodies of her soldiers. They rose from their fiery grave a shell of their former selves. The parts Sala did not like she burnt from them and replaced with obedience.

The world would know her power, and no cost was too great to pay for what she had received. Or so she thought. And that's precisely what Arra'nox was counting on.

Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item December 2018 for 10Planet Coin