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Imperial Senator's Toga Epic Chest
Raid damage: 1025

Duel power: 117
Attack: 225
Defense: 125
Perception: 100
Iulian Way of Life: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Imperial Senator's Sceptrum or Imperial Senator's Codex are owned

Chest imperial senator

Chest imperial senator f

XI. Word of Iul's might and his feats of arms spread throughout the neighboring tribes. But more than the tales of blood and slaughter, they were captivated by what they heard of the battle's aftermath. For Iul hadn't laid waste to his enemies, as Khises would have done. Nor had he driven them before him, scattering their ranks for his amusement and casting spears at their fleeing backs. Instead he had offered treaties, and inspired both victors and vanquished with tales of what the tribes might achieve if they united.
Obtained By:

Chest of Caracalla

Part of Imperial Senator's Set
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