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Imperial Senator's Sceptrum Epic Main Hand
Raid damage: 1025

Duel power: 117
Attack: 225
Defense: 125
Perception: 100
Iulian Way of Life: Chance for bonus damage

Main imperial senator
VIII. Iul loved battle and glory, as his father had done. But Nerusa had tempered the fires of his parentage, and raised him to be thoughtful and wise -- for she knew that one day the tribe would be his to command, and that men, women, and children would flourish or perish in accordance with the wisdom of his rule. Thus he dreamed not of bloody raiding, or wars waged for no other purpose than to redden his weapons and so warriors might chant his name. He wanted something greater for his people.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Caracalla (Raid)

Part of Imperial Senator's Set
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