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Imperial General's Cassis Epic Helm
Raid damage: 625

Duel power: 83
Attack: 125
Defense: 125
Iulian Way of War: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage if the Imperial General's Gladius or Imperial General's Scutum are owned; Increases Attack by 135 and Defense by 135 if Imperial General's Lorica is owned

Helm imperial general
III. Mathala lay with Khises, and in time she bore his child. But the battle-goddess was as fickle as war, which bursts into being and vanishes as it pleases, leaving mortals to endure what it's wrought. She left to find other battles and warriors to favor and ravish. As for the boy, Iul, he remained with his father. Khises didn't lament Mathala's departure, for his affections were no more pronounced than hers. As a mighty and handsome chieftain, he had his pick of the tribe's womenfolk. And he was pleased with all the gifts the goddess had given him -- including the child, who was a trophy of his greatest conquest and an heir to continue his line.
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Leonine Watcher (Raid)

Part of Imperial General's Set
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