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Hydra Warrior's War Paint Epic Chest
Raid damage: 3600

Duel power: 400
Attack: 800
Defense: 400
Burning Blood: Heavy bonus damage against Giant raids; Extra damage for each piece of Hydra Warrior's set worn; Extra damage for each unique piece of Mathala's Gift, White Monkey Warrior, Black Monkey Warrior, Blue Jaguar Warrior and Red Jaguar Warrior sets owned; Extra damage against Gataalli Huxac (all versions)

Chest hydra warrior

Chest hydra warrior f

There are probably more legends about hydra warriors than there are heads on all those creatures combined. Their wounds can regenerate, just like a real hydra's. When one's struck down in battle, two more rise from the corpse. They hurl their babies into pots filled with boiling blood and poison to see if they're worthy of life. Dozens of stories, which haunt the minds of anyone who faces them in battle.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions

Part of Hydra Warrior Set
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