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Hydra Warrior's Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 3600

Duel power: 400
Attack: 800
Defense: 400
Burning Blood: Heavy bonus damage against Giant raids; Extra damage for each piece of Hydra Warrior's set worn; Extra damage for each unique piece of Mathala's Gift, White Monkey Warrior, Black Monkey Warrior, Blue Jaguar Warrior and Red Jaguar Warrior sets owned; Extra damage against Gataalli Huxac (all versions)

Ring hydra warrior
The custom of shaking hands is alien to Chalua. Hence when an enthusiastic and rather jovial scholar from West Kruna walked up to hydra warrior, no one expected him to clasp the woman's hand. Otherwise they'd have warned him.
Obtained By:

Planet CoinCurrent Expeditions

Part of Hydra Warrior Set
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