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History of the Eternal Dawn Armament
Raid damage: 8400

Duel power: 1333
Attack: 2500
Defense: 1500
Armament support Support
Gains 450 Attack and Defense if Thayne of the Eternal Dawn is owned; Increases Player's Attack and Defense against Dragon raids by 2,000; Provides a 10% Legion Special Power bonus in The Eternal Dawn legion

Support item

Battle after battle the Eternal Dawn won glorious victory after glorious victory. Rensha was pleased that her champion had been up to the task. Of course, she always knew this would be the case.

The order created a tome to record their victories as well as their challenges. The world would never be without their knowledge as well as their blades.

Obtained By:



  • History of the Eternal Dawn is a part of one recipe.
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