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Hero-at-Arms' Helm Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1550

Duel power: 457
Attack: 310
Defense: 310
Hero-at-Arms: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Hero-at-Arms equipment set worn; PvP Bonus: +250 Power, +75 Damage, +50 Deflect

Helm hero at arms
XXII. Symon's guards sat by the fireplace and made a toast to the murdered master they'd avenged. United blades had put an end to the cycle of carnage, so they believed, and they drank deep. Then they died. Vincent the Vindictive, the keep's butler, had poisoned their beverages. He danced over their corpses and declared that he'd won a great victory for butlers everywhere. Now people would give his profession the respect it deserved!
Obtained By:

Crafting the following PvP Rewards: (General/Lineage)

Part of Hero-at-Arms' Set


  • Hero-at-Arms' Helm is a part of one recipe.
Hero-at-Arms' Helm Items/Lineage
Helm grandmaster at arms
Pragmatic relic
Qwiladrian power stone
Bloody bolt
Clockwork dragon schematic
Helm hero at arms
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