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Hero-at-Arms' Greaves Epic Boots
Raid damage: 1550

Duel power: 457
Attack: 310
Defense: 310
Hero-at-Arms: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Hero-at-Arms equipment set worn; PvP Bonus: +250 Power, +75 Damage, +50 Deflect

Boots hero at arms
XXVI. The next day, word reached the town about the strange events of the night before. And Yorick realized his peril. When people found out he was the supreme champion of Tor'gyyl, however dubious that title now was, they'd kill him! He ran home and told his wife, Zara. She nodded sympathetically, made him a cup of tea, and stabbed him to death.
Obtained By:

Crafting the following PvP Rewards: (General/Lineage)

Part of Hero-at-Arms' Set


  • Hero-at-Arms' Greaves is a part of one recipe.
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