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Hell Hunter's Ring Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1890

Duel power: 230
Attack: 400
Defense: 290
Infernal Survivor: Chance for bonus damage against Demons or Undead raids

Ring hell hunter
VIII. The survivors trudged through hell, back through the lands they'd ravaged, creeping among the ruins as they tried to escape the gaze of vengeful eyes. They sought the portal which had brought them to their destruction, and was now their one chance to return to West Kruna. Demons harried them. Fiends rose from the places they'd brought low, ragged bands that threw themselves at the orphans of the despised crusade. Men and women perished with each mile marched and fought. Armored bodies lay strewn across the infernal landscape, telling a tale of anguish and abomination. In the end only Isabelle herself remained. She alone stood at the place they'd entered, and felt her soul shatter. For the portal was gone.
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Hell Hunter's Greaves Hell Hunter's Ring Hell Hunter's Steed
Part of Hell Hunter's Set


  • Hell Hunter's Ring is a part of one recipe.
Hell Hunter's Ring Events/World Raid
Ring grand crusader
Zombie remains grey
Zombie remains green
Zombie remains blue
Zombie remains purple
Zombie remains orange
Ring hell hunter
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