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Hell Hunter's Mask Epic Helm
Raid damage: 1560

Duel power: 230
Attack: 290
Defense: 400
Infernal Survivor: Chance for bonus damage against Demons or Undead raids; Extra damage if Hell Hunter's Ring is equipped

Helm hell hunter
III. Some of the demons met their grand crusade with savage howls and sharp steel. Others mocked and cackled. A few offered to let them pass through their territory unmolested, or even give them weapons and supplies -- for they said they had no designs on the mortal world, and relished the harm the invaders would wreak upon their rivals. The crusaders attacked all of them. Fiends could not be allowed to live, they said. So they called upon the gods and hurled themselves into battle.
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Additional Info:

Hell Hunter's Shield Hell Hunter's Mask Hell Hunter's Cuirass
Part of Hell Hunter's Set


  • Hell Hunter's Mask is a part of one recipe.
Hell Hunter's Mask Events/World Raid
Helm grand crusader
Zombie remains grey
Zombie remains green
Zombie remains blue
Zombie remains purple
Zombie remains orange
Helm hell hunter
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