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Hell Hunter's Greaves Epic Boots
Raid damage: 1560

Duel power: 230
Attack: 290
Defense: 400
Infernal Survivor: Chance for bonus damage against Demons or Undead raids; Extra damage if Hell Hunter's Ring is equipped

Boots hell hunter

Boots hell hunter f

VII. Only a handful escaped. They scurried away from the broken carcass of their grand crusade, where fallen comrades wailed and begged for death. A few dozen warriors in a vast world of bizarre beauty and incalculable horror. They hid among purple crags, nestled amidst soft, fleshy rocks, and nursed their wounds. Isabella still remembered their faces. Perhaps she always would. Some wept. Others were stunned and silent, staring into space through unfocused eyes. A woman ranted and raved, gripped by lunacy, and began clawing at her own face -- tearing at her cheeks till they were crimson, ripping off her nose and casting it aside like a worthless scrap of gristle. One of the clerics put her out of her misery. It was a mortal sin, but no one so much as raised their voice against him.
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Hell Hunter's Legplates Hell Hunter's Greaves Hell Hunter's Ring
Part of Hell Hunter's Set


  • Hell Hunter's Greaves is a part of one recipe.
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