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Hecate's Broom Epic Mount
Raid damage: 2325

Duel power: 300
Attack: 475
Defense: 425
My Other Mount's a Dragon: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Witch's set worn; Extra damage for each unique Halloween Mask owned; Extra damage against Magical Creature raids

Mount hecates broom
A %man% with access to dragons and other fabulous winged creatures probably doesn't need to endure the danger and discomfort involved in riding a broom. Come to think of it, if a witch can imbue inanimate objects with the ability to fly, why would she pick a broom in the first place -- instead of a large, luxurious couch? But be that as it may, you now own a flying broom. Maybe you can find someone you don't like, shove it into a suitable orifice, and watch them shoot off into the sky...
Obtained By:

Dealing 43b damage to Hecate (World Raid)

Additional Info:

Total Halloween Masks is 43:


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Name Type Recraft Type
Hecate's Broom Events/World Raid
Dream fragment brown
Dream fragment grey
Dream fragment green
Dream fragment blue
Dream fragment purple
Mount hecates broom
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