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Heart Mender's Promise Epic Ring
Raid damage: 1875

Duel power: 250
Attack: 375
Defense: 375
Perception: 200
Si Vis Amari, Ama: Chance for bonus damage; Extra damage for each piece of Heart Mender set equipped; Extra damage against Demon raids; Chance to proc twice

Ring heart menders
8. It was hubris to think that Rassys could be affected by magical arrows she created herself, let alone be defeated by one of her own angels. The goddess snapped her fingers, and a wing was plucked off Valtrias.

The one-winged herald plummeted from the sky in a great flittering spiral, expecting to hit the ground. Instead, a hell-mouth opened up -- a massive, twisting demonic radula of teeth and pain, that violently chewed her up and swallowed her into its depths, before the maw closed shut and the earth returned to its original state.

It was not abnormal for hell to meddle in the matters of gods from time to time, for whatever clandestine reason. But in this case, Rassys was glad for the interference, and did not give it much thought afterwards since she had more pressing matters to deal with.

Obtained By:

Valtrias (Raid)

Part of Heart Mender's Set
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