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Guild Campaigns are a Guild vs Environment content type which can be summoned for an entire guild to participate in. Campaigns consist of monster, boss and collections nodes which must be completed to obtain loot. Campaigns can be summoned on both normal and hard difficulties, possibly with additional restrictions.

Forum link to Dev-Mouse Guild Campaign Announcement

There are currently eleven 20-nodes Guild Campaigns: Bastion of Blood, Monsters and Magma, The Grey Death, Giants of Chalua, The Frozen War, The Nightmare Queen's Horde, The Risen Temple, Black Hand Holdout, Covetous Cavern, Ironpeak Halls, Scales of Battle, Dark Cathedral and Terrible Tides.

Cooldown of campaigns as of 2018-03-30:

  • Bastion of Blood - 6 hours
  • Monsters and Magma - 6 hours
  • The Grey Death - 6 hours
  • Giants of Chalua - 12 hours
  • The Frozen War - 12 hours
  • The Nightmare Queen's Horde - 12 hours
  • The Risen Temple - 24 hours
  • Black Hand Holdout - 24 Hours
  • Covetous Cavern - 24 hours
  • Ironpeak Halls - 32 hours
  • Scales of Battle - 32 hours
  • Dark Cathedral - xx hours
  • Terrible Tides - 32 hours

Special prizes were awarded to the first guilds to complete Bastion of Blood: Normal completion awarded a custom banner while Hard completion rewarded the creation of an item set. The winners were:

  • Normal
    • Armor Games: Kings of Dawn
    • Facebook/Standalone: Wraith Guard
    • Kongregate: DotD Anonymous
    • Newgrounds: Lords of Dawn 2.0
  • Hard