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General Info

Adventures are a mini campaign for 5 guild members, each with their own adventurer.

They are accessible from the backpack in the guild hall

Only one instance of a specific adventure can be joined at any given time. (ex. you won't be able to join a Filth of the City adventure if you're already participating in another Filth of the City adventure)

Summoning an Adventure

Summoning an adventure requires an adventure essence (consumed upon summoning)

upon summoning the adventure you need to choose either a public or private adventure

  • public adventures will be available to all guild members
  • private adventures have a code that guild members need to use in order to join your adventure


When embarking on an adventure you will need to choose an adventurer

Each adventurer can equip:

  • 1 piece of equipment
  • 1 provision (can be consumed during an adventure)
  • 1 boon (automatically consumed upon embarking)

when facing Adventure Raids each adventurer will be able to cast a single Ability on it. There can not be duplicates of a single ability cast on a single raid (ie. only one Vindicate can be cast on a single raid)

Upon completion of an adventure (be it success or failure), the adventurer will become fatigued for 48 hours, you can spend 8 Planet Coin.png to remove this status.


Budding adventurers must fight through a variety of tiles before fighting the boss at the end of each node. Running out of health will bring the adventure to a premature end.

Tile Name Description
Tile nothing.jpg Basic This Tile has no special effects.
Tile trap.jpg Trap Party receives additional damage unless a Rogue is in the party.
Tile hidden cache.jpg Hidden Cache Chance to receive extra items if a Rogue is in the party.
Tile relic.jpg Relic Partially heals the party upon Tile completion if a Cleric is in the party
(15% of the party HP).
Tile skull.jpg Cursed Ground Chance to miss while exploring this Tile unless a Cleric is in the party.
Tile rough terrain.jpg Rough Terrain Party receives more damage unless a Ranger is in the party.
Tile rangers supplies.jpg Ranger's Supplies Chance to receive extra items if a Ranger is in the party.
Tile choke point.jpg Chokepoint Party receives less damage if a Knight is in the party.
Tile runes of binding.jpg Runes of Binding Chance to miss while exploring this tile unless a Mage is in the party.

List of Adventures

There are currently 5 Adventures (easiest to hardest):