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Greenleaf Greaves Epic Boots
Raid damage: 795

Duel power: 120
Attack: 145
Defense: 215
Increases Energy by 20, Stamina by 10; Additional Energy and Stamina for each piece of Greenleaf armor equipped.

Boots greenleaf
V. "The farmer's widow say those plant things went for her husband when he tried to harvest his crops, wrung his neck like a chicken's. If we ever find this 'Melver', he'll hang for what he did. Anyway, we couldn't leave a load of plant monsters out there, but we... well, we were busy guarding the town. That's why they call us guards! So we hired an adventurer who was passing through. Deb, his name was. He went to the farm and chopped them all up. Nice feller. Good with a sword. And he didn't even ask for his pay. Said he'd settle for some help making a new suit of armor from their bodies. Good bloke, that on Good bloke."-- Guardsman Roll
Obtained By:

Epic loot from Nightmare Dragon's Lair (Raid)

Part of Greenleaf Set
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