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Green Mushroom Consumable

Increases Attack by 15% of base for 12 hours
Green mushroom
"We sat on the kobolds' bodies and ate their mushrooms. They were delicious! And they opened our minds. The spirits of the butchered creatures spoke to us. They told us that one day our kind and theirs would live in peace. They would come to serve us as loyal minions. A walrus spoke to me as well, but it didn't say anything interesting. I think it ate a kobold's head before it left..." -- Sir Colbaeus the Green
Obtained By:

Planet CoinLimited Time Item from 12/28/12 until 1/11/13 for 5 Planet Coins


A reference to the card Colbaeus The Wretched, from Clash of the Dragons. The Walrus part is also a reference to Guilbert's faithful companion.

Part of Green Knight Set
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